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17 November 2010 Written by  lopesco

[Logs em destaque] Ladybug Kids attended Lisbon Night Geo-Bike Tour - Estou Alaska

Attended Ladybug Kids attended Lisbon Night Geo-Bike Tour - Estou Alaska


Wow! I'm not certain where to start. I'm safely back home eight days after the event and I still have warm feelings from it. Seeing Lisboa by night on bike was a terrific way to view the architecture, experience the night life, taste some great food, find a lot of caches, and meet some terrific cachers . I can't thank Prodrive enough for organizing the event and arranging a bicycle, helmet and gloves for me and Team Hulkman for mapping the route in GoogleEarth. You guys have given me a lot of ideas for how to host an event, though I don't know if we could get away with more than forty bicyclists riding around Anchorage at night without half of them ending up dead. Lisboa drivers are certainly more tolerant of bicyclists than Alaskan drivers .

Highlights of the evening include: swarming the poor guy on the phone at 28 - Prazeres and not having him give up a centimeter of ground, running up the hill near Basilica da Estrela and reading the hint in English and being understood, doing my first nighttime earthcache, finding the dead bird at 1500 Lisboa and then hearing another cacher say "ave morta" and knowing what they meant (one of the few times my knowledge of Spanish helped me in Portugal) , admiring the view of Castelo de S.Jorge from afar, drinking Starbucks ice tea (even if it seems so wrong for there to be a Starbucks in Lisboa's train station) , "finding" the truly evil "House of Diamonds" cache, detouring to see the Roman ruins that were discovered under the bank, meeting Bragão_Henriques in person (after we'd met nearly four years ago via e-mail), swapping bikes with SUp3rFM and again with Prodrive Jr. (hey, no one ended up walking, did they ), the blue apples, the night crowd that made me feel like I was in the Tour de France with their friendly pushes up the hill and offers of cups of beer and other beverages even if they made me feel so old because they were so young , the sag wagons that followed us through the streets even if I have no idea how they kept up in all the traffic, finding two Hulkman puzzle caches (even if I've solved only one of them so far ), and eating the absolutely delicious caldo verde, pão com chouriço and arroz doce.

I wish I had time to say "hello" to all who attended because the best thing about visiting Portugal is meeting all the wonderful Portuguese people/cachers. You all have a warmth and generosity that is second to none in anywhere! Thank you so much! I sincerely hope I can return again before too much more time passes. And, let me know if your travel plans include Alaska. My family and I really enjoy showing off our part of the world.

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