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Lisbon by BTRodrigues

Imagem28 - Prazeres
The 28 tram is perhaps one of Lisbon greatest icons, be sure to take some time to have a ride on it.

Imagem4 Elements (2nd Edition) [Lisboa]
This cache will show you one of the most beautiful and well kept gardens in Lisbon. Worth a visit.

ImagemA great view of Lisbon [Lisboa]
There might be no "decent" caches around the St. George Castle (in my oppinion and as I'm writing this), but the castle is worth the visit...

ImagemA walk in the Park [Lisboa]
Eduardo VII Park is located on the extreme north side of the Liberty Avenue, right behind the Pombal Marquis Square, and was originally called Liberty Park. Renamed with the name of the King of England who came to Lisbon in 1903 to reaffirm the Anglo-Portuguese alliance, this park provides excellent views over the city and is frequently used to hold exhibitions, concerts and the annual booksellers fair.

The objective is to invite you to take a walk in Eduardo VII Park and discover some interesting points in this pleasant space at the heart of Lisbon.

ImagemBelém Time Portal[Lisboa]
Lisbon's first Wherigo cache will provide you half an hour's worth of the best spots around the Belém área. Even if you don't have a Wherigo compliant device, go to the initial spot, walk east for 200m, ask for the "Pastéis de Belém" pastry shop and indulge yourself...

ImagemBH12 Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara [Lisboa]
Placed very near Bairro Alto, this cache offers a pretty good view over great part of the city.

ImagemBH18 250th Anniversary of 1755 Lisbon Earthquake
1755's earthquake has changed the face of the city. This cache explains what happened. Located in the Belém area, near a bunch of important monuments like the monastery, be sure to try the typical "Pastéis de Belém" pastry.

ImagemCache à Antiga [Lisboa]
Cache is located inside the gardens of the most important art museum in Portugal (among the most important in Europe). Visiting the museum is not mandatory, but the view from the gardens to the river is almost as rewarding.

Lisbon's unique bullfighting arena. Displaying a neo-arabic style with cupolas similar to those found in mosques. In fact, the building is now much more than just a bull fighting arena. It was closed between 2001 and 2006 for restoration works; the space, with a capacity for 8000 spectators, was added a movable top closure, and is now prepared to host different kinds of shows (operas, concerts…). It also includes a commercial zone, with restaurants, cinemas and a subterranean parking area.

ImagemCastelo [Alusbona]
It might not be consensual that this is a good cache, but the visit to the castle neighborhood and its typical features shouldn't be missed.

ImagemCatedral [Cristianismo]
Lisbon's cathedral and the surrounding area (right next to the castle and Alfama) are great spots for getting in touch with Lisbon's spirit and deserve a visit.

Known for the monuments and touristic attractions around it, the Belém area also features this art museum/gallery/event venue building.

ImagemCristo Rei [Almada]
Yet another Lisbon icon, altough it's located on the other side of the Tagus. If you visit the south bank, you must visit this monument and witness the view over Lisbon. Trully amazing.

ImagemElevador de Sta. Justa / Sta. Justa Lift
Perhaps one of Lisbon's main icons, the Sta Justa Lift and its mythical cache (even when unavailable) should also be a mandatory stop for every tourist/geocacher. Even if you don't use the lift, the are on the top floor can be visited coming from Largo do Carmo. The view over the downtown area is awesome.

ImagemEntre a Cidade e a Floresta [Lisboa]
If you're tired of buildings and cars and want to get in touch with nature, this cache is a pretty good place to start. Located in Lisbon's lung, the biggest green spot.

ImagemEstação do Rossio [Lisboa]
Located downtown, one of Lisbon's main train station has been recently refurbished and is (apart from its architectural value), the startpoint for train connections to other touristic attractions (such as Sintra, Estoril and Cascais)

ImagemFernando Pessoa [Lisboa]
Visiting Lisbon and missing the Baixa/Chiado is almost a sin. Be sure to visit this cache and taste a cup of coffee with one of the biggest portuguese writers of all times.

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is an institution dedicated to Science, Arts, Education and Culture. Gulbenkian’s Gardens are one of the few green spots in the center of Lisbon. It’s a small but very well designed garden with a touch of a modernist abstract art. There are lots of paths through trees, water cascades, exotic plants and modern art sculptures.

ImagemHouse of Diamonds [Lisboa]
A whimsical 16th-century mansion which was one of the few buildings to survive the 1755 earthquake.

ImagemJardim Tropical [Lisboa]
Quite an interesting garden near the Belém area and several other Lisbon landmarks - and a very accessible cache.

ImagemLet's Play! [Lisboa]
This cache is placed in Parque das Nações, where the Expo'98 World Exhibition took place and are one of the remnant structures of the event. The area has been renewed ever since and provides a lot of reasons for a thorough visit. Altought this is a multi-cache, it's very easy and it won't take much to complete.

ImagemNo Paço do Terreiro [Lisboa]
Praça do Comércio stands between the Tagus river and downtown Lisbon. Many touristic trams and buses start here and the view over the city is unique.

ImagemO Ascensor da Bica / The Bica Funicular
Yet another of the Lisbon lifts saga.

ImagemO Ascensor da Glória / The Glory Funicular
Yet another of the Lisbon lifts saga - and a great way to get into Bairro Alto, another typical quarter known for its night life.

ImagemO Ascensor do Lavra / The Lavra Funicular
Yet another of the Lisbon lifts saga.

ImagemO Tejo é mais belo [Lisboa]
One of the many caches that span the river front, which can provide and nice and relaxing walk along the margin.

ImagemPanorama [Almada]
If you consider taking a look at the south margin of the Tagus river, you'll be amazed by the views over Lisbon. Be sure to check this place too.

ImagemPanteão Nacional / National Pantheon [Lisboa]
The Church of Santa Engrácia is a 17th century monument, converted into the National Pantheon in which important Portuguese personalities are buried. It is located in the neighbourhood of Alfama.

ImagemPicture your Flag [Lisboa]
A visit to the area where Expo 98 took place is mandatory if you're around Lisbon. Be sure to point out where you're from!

ImagemPortas do Sol
Yet another unique viewpoint over the city near the historical town center. Quite busy on weekends and festivities.

ImagemRun to the Hills
"Run to the Hills" is one of those caches that prove that mistery caches are evil. The final spot is too good not to be directly referenced. If you want to experience a unique view over Lisbon and visit the city lungs (Monsanto), contact the owner in advance and ask him for the final coordinates for the cache (tell him the Mafia sent you).

ImagemSenhora do Monte
One of the most beautiful belvederes in Lisbon with a great view over the river and downtown.

ImagemThe dreamer's door [Lisboa]
Be sure to check this cache, placed at a very old archway which was restored a few years ago.

ImagemVulcões de Água
This cache is placed in Parque das Nações, where the Expo'98 World Exhibition took place and are one of the remnant structures of the event. The area has been renewed ever since and provides a lot of reasons for a thorough visit.

ImagemWith Arms Wide Open
The "Christ the King" monument is built on the left bank of the Tagus river, facing the city of Lisbon in the other bank. Great view over the river and the city.

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