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15 November 2013 Written by 


Já está disponível mais um patch para o GSAK, o, que nas últimas duas versões corrigiu/alterou:

Fixed a BBCode font problem
Added verticle scroll bar to publish log template
"Add picutre" customization via ConfigOther.txt
Publish logs fetch - added hourglass
Fixed a problem with the CLIP command not respecting the VSUB status (It was defaulting to ON regardless)
Added check and fix for PQ download grid layout problem
Added equal() function
GetCaches - can now change default for "Format" via ConfigOther.txt
ConfigOther.txt changes
Latest translation master (Hungarian, German updates)
Fixed a problem (introduced in build 76) when using the Sqlite g_Equal() function
Added smilies input box to publish log template dialog
Add Picture - Fixed a problem with "Sticky" settings
Added master link in ConfigOther.txt file

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