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01 July 2016 Written by 

Colecionador #006: NEAL LEPOVETSKY


Name: Neal lepovetsky

Country: USA

Nickname: drneal

Owned Trackables: 3597





Hello Neal! Welcome to the Geocoins museum.

Neal, first of all I’ll ask you an introduction of drneal Geocacher.

Yes, I am a doctor, a chiropractic orthopedist, retired not quite a year now.  I got my first drneal vanity license plate after graduating chiropractic college in St. Louis, in 1981 (my first name is neal.)  I’ve been geocaching since 10/08/2006.

Do you do geocaching alone or do you have a team?

Originally, I did most of my geocaching alone...sometimes my nephew Jewish Lad went along with me to some events, and to get some of the geocaches close to home.  I usually had my dog, or dogs with me; first Logan (no geonick,) then Heineken – myheine, Maxx was next – 2themaxx, and now occasionally,  Sadie – sadiesue.  The last few years, I’ve been joined (very happily,) by my wife Laura (imoutnabout,) and her daughter Kristine (kristinewithak – KWAK.)  Laura and I are also known as the Skunkheads (in honor of our skunk skin caps!)


How was your first contact with geocaching and which factors where determinant so that you could continue as a geocacher?

I was first introduced to geocaching not long after my first wife Kathy, was killed in an auto accident, by some patients, Luvs2walk.  My very first find was at our local brewery...it was something fun I could do with my free time instead of sitting in the house alone.

Let’s talk about your geocoins. How has this passion for geocoins begun?

My first coin was actually not a geocoin, but instead was a pathtag – the chiro-cache pathtag.  I was later gifted a lackey geocoin (the very first of the lackey tags...it is still a part of my collection,) which steered me towards the more trackable, geocoins.  Attending the geocoinfest in Pittsburgh, PA.  after having made my first geocoin (also called chiro-cache featuring my dogs Logan and Heineken on one side, and a chiropractic caduseus on the other,) and being able to meet and talk with so many like tsun, yime, Walkin’ Ed and on and on, helped to really make geocoin collecting and trading a big part of my life.


When have you started your collection? Do you remember of which one was your first geocoin?

I mentioned I had been gifted a lackey coin, but my first trade at the geocoinfest was with Walkin’ Ed for his personal geocoin...next would have been Rusty, of Rusty and Libby fame .

Do you have a special  geocoin? From your collection, which one is the apple of your eyes?

I’d really have trouble picking one, but my three favorties are in the order produced, Kathy’s Coin, Kathy’s Coin Too – Heaven’s The Place, and  Will You Marry Me.  For those interested, the stories behind each of these coins can be viewed on the geocoin forum on geocaching.com


How many geocoins do you have currently?

Geocaching.com tells me I have 3594 activated trackable geocoins, at least 1000 non trackable geocoins, and another 100-200 coins waiting to go into my collection, as soon as I finish posting coins on mygeodb...of course, there’s also Laura’s coins !

Do you usually activate all your geocoins or are there some items that you keep inactive, strategically?

I’ve always enjoyed being able to display my coins for discovery at the different events I’ve attended...again, it was a good way to meet and talk with people before marrying Laura.  The coins Laura puts in her display racks are mostly unactivated

Physically or materially speaking, how do you organize or dispose your collection?

I have recently begun to organize my coins on mygeodb.de, after many years on cointracking.com.  In all of these years that I’ve been collecting geocoins, I’ve only sold 1 geocoin (a chiro-cache,) just to see how it would do.  The rest of my coins are used for trading...it’s a lot more fun that selling coins.


What are the criteria that you apply to add geocoins to your collection?

I’m getting to where I purchase coins that can go into my display binders (I have about 50 of them, but once I start catching up my coin activating, I guess that number will go up,) and I prefer coins that can be put into the 2.5” X 2.5” coin flips that I use.


Do you have any favourite themes?

Doggie coins are my favorites (I’m always looking for doggie coins I don’t already have, hint, hint, hint.) personal coins would be my next favorite.

Which was the most expensive geocoin that you acquire and what motivated that “investment”?

Laura’s wedding ring – yes it is trackable with permission of groundspeak.  The icon is our Will You Marry Me geocoin.  For those who may not be aware, I first met Laura at a geocaching event, I got down on one knee and asked Laura to marry me at the closing ceremonies of the Midwest Geobash 2 years ago in front of all those attending, we made our wedding last year a geocaching event (about 100 geocachers attended,) we were married by a geocacher, and our upcoming honeymoon is going to be a geotour !

Where do you usually acquire your geocoins?

Some I purchase, but my favorites, are those I trade for

Have you ever had the chance to take your collection to a geocaching event?

Many, many events including ASP Geobash, MWGB, GeoWoodstock, and a Geocoinfest.  I used to take the entire collection, but after blowing out the tires on a wagon is used to haul them, I now pick out 10 or so binders of coins for events.


If other geocoins collectors (or not) want to see your collection can they do it? If they can, in what way can they do it?

Easiest way is to let me know ahead what coins you would like to see, and I’ll try to bring them with me to events.  I am not a fan of virtual logging.  My entire list of geocoins will soon be available https://www.mygeodb.de/showroom/dc3b32e5f266aff8940c25f79e9dbaca.html (about 8 binders of coins left to list  yet.

Do you usually talk with other geocoins collectors? What kind of thoughts do you usually share?

I have friends that are geocoin collectors that I am generally in touch with via either the geocoin forum (not so much anymore,) or facebook.  We keep tabs on who got what by posting pictures of geocoins we have received, but I’d like to think that most of our communications are about what’s happening in our lives.

Besides geocoins, do you do other kind of collecting?

I have a collection of ballcaps in the basement from different places I’ve been, and some shot glasses from different trips

Of all geocoins that you know or that you had the chance of take in, which is the “special item” that you dream to add to your collection, some day?

Number one on my “wants” list is a personal geocions called “Schnauzer Seekers”.  Number 2 (I know you didn’t ask but here it is anyway,) would be that ever elusive Moun10bike V1.

And to who is tempted to join the geocoins world, what advice would you give him/her?

Start trading with your own personal geocoin...nowadays, you might as well figure on making it trackable with an icon.  Initial cost is much higher than just buying a couple of geocoins, but eventually, you’ll end up spending a lot less money by trading, and get to meet a lot of very nice people maybe even your future spouse !)  And don’t forget, I wanna trade !


Thank you so much for everything Neal!


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